“Dear Michele. Thank you! My partner and I ended up having a fabulous conversation off and on over the course of yesterday and evening, about jealousy and support during the upcoming event, and about partnership/poly/relationship stuff in general. There was so much good in it, I can hardly express it. And it came from your help and strategizing suggestions for me. The timing of our meeting was so perfect. I have never been with a man who is so open and supportive of me and I suspect he and I could both feel our relationship growing even deeper through the course of the conversation, and my own growth through childhood/abandonment/jealousy issues. What a gift you gave me and us. I'm so grateful to know I have you available as a resource who can truly help me move through my challenges.” - T

"I will always be grateful for those morning sessions; that was absolutely the most difficult time I've been thru, and now I am enjoying an amazing deep relationship with X." - D

"I can't believe how good it feels to be dating again! Before I started working with Michele, I was feeling discouraged about meeting a woman. I hadn't dated in years and I didn't really have the confidence that I would meet someone that would be a good match for me. One of the challenges I had in the past was being too accommodating to women, and over time, this was draining for me because I stayed in unhealthy relationships for way too long. After just two months of working with Michele, I'm already noticing a difference. My confidence is way up and women that I'm attracted to are responding to me. Michele listens with empathy and reverence; I'm learning to trust myself more and to like myself more. She is helping me really notice what I want and then share that with the women I'm meeting. It's making a huge difference in my ability to connect. And it's even having an impact in my business: more clients are wanting to work with me!" - T

"Michele is an unusually attentive and empathetic listener." – F

"Michele has a wonderful soothing presence that has allowed me to open up much more easily than I expected. Her gentle inquiry with me has allowed me to explore and discover my emotional triggers. Those triggers had held me back and caused me to react instead of listening when my wife would say something that I perceived to be an attack or needed fixing. Recognizing those triggers has allowed me to stay with that uncomfortable feeling a bit longer and really listen to the message she was trying to convey to me, without attacking back or trying to fix her. This in and of itself has led to more intimacy and more love. As a Holistic Life Coach myself, I am usually good at helping others to see their own mental blockages and triggers, but it is difficult for me to recognize my own triggers, expecially when I have a personal investment in the relationship, such as with my wife of 34 years. Michele's ability to help me to explore and 'peel the onion back' in regard to my feelings about love, sex and intimacy as well as helping me to understand the triggers have literally made my personal relationships 10x better than they were before working with her. I would recommend Michele to any man who is having difficulty in his personal relationships with women." - C

"Michele brings her whole, authentic self into her coaching work, with a genuine, heartfelt concern for her clients. With lots of life experience from which to draw, including her own personal development work, she has many tools at her disposal. Michele does a great job of guiding me to find my own answers, which is why I learn something new about myself in every session. I also like that she is always open to feedback, which makes her an even better coach." - S

"Michele has helped me to get clear on my wants and to express them. My partner and I had some of the best interactions ever and I'm feeling so much more bonded with her." – J