A reference from Susan Campbell, Ph.D., on LinkedIn:

“Michele Fabrega is a gifted coach whom I feel confident referring clients to. I have heard from those clients that she has been extremely helpful to their growth. She has completed a year-long training program at Getting Real Resources to become a certified Getting Real Coach. During this time, she impressed me with her ability to quickly grasp new personal development tools and concepts and to apply them skillfully with her coaching clients. She is able to understand and empathize with her clients' stated goals and deeper needs--helping the client to feel safe enough to experience and own deeper, formerly unconscious needs and feelings. People who work with her come out as more integrated, happy, and successful in meeting their life goals. Among all the people I have trained and supervised, over the past 45 years (including 9 years on the Graduate Faculty at the UMASS Graduate School), I would rank Michele in the top 5% in terms of her coaching/counseling ability. I think she is as good as or better than many of my colleagues who have been practicing for 20 years or more. I recommend her highly.”