I am committed to helping people find satisfaction and fulfillment in their personal lives. A former gymnast, championship tennis player, software engineer and now a mother of two, I am passionate about helping men (and women!) have the love, intimacy and responsible sexuality they desire.

I've spoken with hundreds of men and women about their relationships, some of whom were in pain and feeling hopeless about their intimate lives. With over 18 years in a long-term relationship and marriage and over 20 years of combined dating experience before and after, I KNOW it doesn’t have to be this way.

Besides graduating from Interchange Counseling Institute and being a certified Getting Real Coach, I have over a decade of experiential-based learning in communication, relationships, mediation, dance, conscious movement, yoga, mindfulness, love, intimacy, and sexuality. In my work coaching individual clients and facilitating groups, I bring authenticity, compassion and fun to the dating and mating game. 

I help my clients step into their fullest and most powerful expression, their full humanity, which enables them to find fulfillment in their love relationships.